Bret Baier Wise Counsel Project Interview

Bret Baier – Episode 15 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the Wise Counsel Project Gary Martin Hays interviews Fox News Anchor Brett Baier. In the beginning of every interview, Gary asks the guest to read Proverbs 13:20, “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm”. Brett’s answer stood out. He said to ask for help because no one has all the answers, especially when you are going through something tough. He encourages others not to be too afraid or too proud to ask for help.

He is open about the fact that Washington doesn’t work as it is – and there is frustration in covering it, from a reporters perspective. He insists, however that there are wise people, working hard on both sides of the aisle and there is a hunger for making it work.

As a husband and father of two children, he acknowledges the challenge of disconnecting from work when he gets home in these days of smart phones, face book and twitter. Things were put into balance when Brett’s oldest son, Paul was diagnosed with congenital heart defect. He talked about how faith got he and his family through the struggle of finding their way in what was one of their darkest hours. Brett describes his thoughts on the power of prayer.

Bret Baier – Episode 16 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the Wise Counsel Project, Gary Martin Hays concludes his interview with Brett Baier, author of the new best selling book ‘Special Heart’. Brett encourages parents who are going through difficult times with their children to take care of themselves both physically and through their faith. He inspires by suggesting parents focus on a mental image of where they someday want to be with their children.

While the role of advocate is both new and unusual for him, Brett is glad to be part of such a worthy cause, as All Pro Dad – the platform where this interview took place. Brett’s hope is that his story will offer “nuggets” of wisdom, encouragement, and advice to those who need it, in whatever form. Ever the reporter, Brett’s slogan is “We report, you decide”.

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