Danny Wuerffel Wise Counsel Project Interview

Danny Wuerffel – Episode 11 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the Wise Counsel Project Gary Martin Hays interviews former Heisman trophy winner, Danny Wuerffel. The interview begins with the reading of Proverbs 13:20 – ‘Walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm.’ Danny talks about the impressionability of youth. He believes there is a clear call to be very careful about the company we keep. Gary and Danny spoke about the importance not only of being the beneficiary of wise counsel but becoming a person able to provide wise counsel as well. Danny maintains that those who poured their lives into him were the individuals who truly helped guide and direct him. He asserts that part of growing up is realizing the opportunity one has to contribute to the kingdom of God and to this world. In an effort to follow suit, Danny began serving in a ministry called Desire Street Ministries in New Orleans. Their mission is to help impoverished neighborhoods become desirable places to live, through spiritual and community development. Danny is the Director of Desire Street Ministries.

Danny Wuerffel – Episode 12 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the Wise Counsel Project Gary Martin Hays concludes his interview with Heisman Trophy winner, Danny Wuerffel. When asked about his greatest challenge Danny talked about a recent time when he had been ill. He spoke of an extremely difficult wrestling match with what was in his heart and described it as a humbling encounter with Christ. Though awful, he considers it to be a blessing. The conversation then moved on to football metaphors. Without admonishing, he unveiled our tendency to use up our (first string) good energy at places like work or church and leaving our (5th string energy) the end of what’s left of us for our spouse and children. Danny encourages people to take the BEST part of themselves and invest that into their families. As far as leaving a legacy, when it’s time for him to “hang it all up”, Danny said the main thing he wants to be remembered for is that he was who God created him to be. He believes we spend so much of our lives doing what we “think” we should do and at some point we get the opportunity to pay attention to what Christ is forming in our soul.

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