Governor Nathan Deal Wise Counsel Project Interview

Governor Nathan Deal – Episode 9 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the Wise Counsel Project Gary Martin Hays interviews Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. The interview begins with Gary reciting Governor Deal’s long list of accomplishments. The Governor speaks fondly of Sandra, his wife of 48 years, their 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He tells of the fortunate circumstances in which he grew up, having 2 public school teachers as parents who gave him much guidance and direction. Governor Deal grew up in the Baptist Church and had his confession of faith at the age of 7. He began his training in public speaking competitions, the first one held at his alma mater, Mercer University.

Deal’s faith was strengthened and his knowledge grew while at Mercer. He later taught Sunday School for over 20 years and was a deacon in his church in Gainesville. He confesses to have seen faith and the staying power of prayers in the lives of people in the midst of very difficult situations truly make a difference. When asked about why many politicians shy away from talking about their faith, Governor Deal responded by saying that much criticism has been given by those of differing points of view. The opposition has stated the belief that Christians have allowed their religion to affect the actions and positions that government officials take. Governor Deal believes that” the Christian faith is the foundation stone for the creation of our country. It is what has sustained us. … People can criticize our system of government,” he says, “ but nobody has ever figured out a better way!” Governor Deal speaks fondly of the historical documents written by our founding fathers who were not ashamed to talk about our Creator and the power of the Almighty.

In the next phase of the interview Gary asks the Governor about 2 of the initiatives that he has recently created. The first being the ‘Interfaith Counsel’, whose purpose is to address how convicted offenders are able to re-enter the work force. Governor Deal also orchestrated ‘the Healing Communities of Georgia’ to work with congregations of faith to reduce recidivism. He believes that churches can fill the void that sometimes happens when a person gets into the system. When they are released, a lot of them no longer have a support system or family willing to help. Governor Deal’s heart is for those who come out of that type of situation. His desire is for them to have a safe haven.

Governor Nathan Deal – Episode 10 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the Wise Counsel Project, Gary Martin Hays concludes his interview with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. Gary referenced the men’s conference, ‘ All Pro Dads Live’, a conference that teaches men how to be engaged in the lives of children. Governor Deal spoke with regret about how the absence of a father figure in the home has greatly impacted not only drop out rates in high schools but also has affected the number of individuals who end up in prison. The Governor states that the absence of a father sometimes poses a great threat to a young person’s future. Governor Deal expressed appreciation to Tony Dungy and others who are trying to increase the participation of fathers and father figures with children and admitted the need to reverse the trend of absent fathers.

When asked about issues facing the state in the next four years Governor Deal talked about the success rate of job creation in the state of Georgia. He proposed that last year there were only 5 other states that were ahead of Georgia in job creation and 4 of the 5 were much larger in population. He then shared a mantra of his, … “An individual who has a good job can support themselves and their families, be charitable in their community, and they have less reason to ask government to do things for them.”

Toward the end of the interview Governor Deal talked about encouragement being one of the best gifts of the spirit parents could give to their children. Exploring one’s talents and not being afraid to risk being a failure. He passes this advice on to his children and all who will listen.

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