Jeff Foxworthy Wise Counsel Project Interview

Jeff Foxworthy – Episode 17 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the Wise Counsel Project Gary Martin Hays interviews comedian, actor, author and host of ‘Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?’ and ‘The American Bible Challenge, Jeff Foxworthy.

Many people know of Jeff Foxworthy as a television personality but Gary wanted to tap into “who is Jeff Foxworthy – the man of faith?” Foxworthy grew up with a mother that would take him to church regularly. He went “down the aisle” and made a profession of faith at the age of 7 – with his mother not entirely believing he was ready to do so. She insisted that their pastor come to the Foxworthy home and talk to young Jeff, just to make sure!

Jeff acknowledges the presence of an internal dichotomy. Even as a youngster he had the ability to see God’s uniqueness in individuals. He was told that if he loved God he would perform and behave in a certain way. This made him feel very different from those around him. He didn’t believe we were all meant to be the same and confessed that it took him many years to be able to hear God telling him that it was o.k. to be the way God had made him to be. It was o.k. to be different.

Foxworthy encourages believers to offer compassion to others, realizing that every individual we come across is in some kind of struggle, no matter how well they camouflage it. Even those whose greatest cry of the heart is to “get their life together” can’t do it.

Our only hope is that at some point it will sink into us that God accepts us. No matter who has rejected us, God wants us. That’s why He sent His son to die for us. He wants us that much!

Jeff Foxworthy – Episode 18 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the wise counsel project Gary Martin Hays concludes his interview with comedian and host of ‘Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader and ‘The American Bible Challenge’, Jeff Foxworthy.

After reading Proverbs 13:20, ‘Walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm.’ Jeff described being out on the road during his ‘Blue Collar Tour’ days and his decision to be intentionally careful not to mess up the trust he had at home. He could have easily stayed out drinking and meandering but because he loved his family so much and he desired to be wise, he chose not to. He learned as a boy, ‘when you break trust with mom, you also break trust with the kids.’

Fame and money do not seem to have ruined Jeff in any way. He fondly reminisced about the yard he grew up playing in, being dirt landscaping with concrete and monkey grass. He didn’t know any different and recalls the great childhood he had. “The secret to life is not about the stuff but about the relationships”, he says. When the people that know you the best are the people that have the highest opinion of you, THAT is the definition of success.

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