Kirk Cameron Wise Counsel Project Interview

Kirk Cameron – Episode 13 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the Wise Counsel Project, Gary Martin Hays interviews renowned television and film actor, Kirk Cameron. Kirk is passionate when talking about finding wise people as friends. He smiles and admits that most of his best friends are several decades older than he. Mr. Cameron concedes, “Being old doesn’t mean you’re wise but often wisdom comes with age after you’ve made enough mistakes to realize that the Bible is true.” Kirk is genuine in his admission of need for wisdom and that it’s value is worth much more than silver and gold.

At a relatively young age, Kirk made the decision to follow Christ. He differentiated himself from his contemporaries realizing that a companion of fools would suffer harm. He spoke with concern and disappointment about his peers whose decision not to follow Jesus resulted in tragedy and grief. When asked what advice he could give to parents to reinforce Christian principles in their homes, he gave 3 examples.

  1. Be the kind of father/mother that you want your child to become. The parental influence is so strong it always tends to be our default position.
  2. Win their heart and keep it. Never allow your frustrations or your career goals to break fellowship with your kids.
  3. Train them with the Word of God.

To borrow from the words of the apostle, John, – “There is no greater joy than to see one’s children walking in truth.”

Kirk Cameron – Episode 14 Wise Counsel Project with Gary Martin Hays from Gary Martin Hays on Vimeo.

On this episode of the Wise Counsel Project Gary Martin Hays concludes his interview with Kirk Cameron, star of Saving Christmas. They refer to some of the challenges Kirk has faced because of his Christian convictions. Kirk talks about how speaking truth in love is considered in today’s world as evil and how many times evil is considered good. Throughout the interview Kirk points people to the Word of God to find the measure by which we are made to live. Whether or not we realize it, our perspective, as humans is bent.

Toward the end of the interview, the two talked about Hollywood’s newfound recognition that the themes of God resonate within the human heart – and that there is a market out there for it! Cameron’s new movie, ‘Saving Christmas’ is meant to help people re-instate joy at Christmas time. His goal is to inspire uproarious celebration! As for what kind of legacy he wishes to leave, Kirk says, “We work so hard at many things – but if I fail at family, then I’ve failed. If you don’t have love – your nothing but a clanging symbol.”

Mr. Cameron inspired, by saying God’s plan is a multi-generational, long-term, big- vision plan. We can’t get the job done in just our generation. If our children don’t catch the vision and we don’t pass on the play book and inspire them to play hard, then what good have we done? None of us can do it perfectly but we try to do it increasingly.

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