The Wise Counsel Project’s mission is to help men and women of faith make better decisions in their daily lives and help to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.
The Wise Counsel Project Podcast will include interviews with key leaders in business, sports, family counseling and the church.  These interviews will focus on answering questions that will help aid in the success of the mission of The Wise Counsel Project.
Through the use of 60 second radio spots on the Fish Atlanta that will air 20xs per week, examples of the The Wise Counsel Project interviews will be broadcast Mon-Fri and point listeners to various locations including websites, podcast & phone application downloads and social media channels to hear and watch full versions.
Interviews will be filmed either on location or in The Wise Counsel Studio and be disseminated to iTunes, Stitcher Radio, YouTube (as well as other social media) and also placed on the Wise Counsel App which will be disseminated to the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Market.